sobota, 14. januar 2012


after 3 years of collecting drawings from all over, we finally finished the second drawing compilation book.
36 artists from Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Italia, USA, Czech R., Romania, Swizerland, Belgium, Sweden, UK.
A5, Black and white, 128 pages, 300 copies.
Artists(in order of appereance):
Beli Sladoled(Leon & Miha), Deso, Mitja Gostenčnik, Erik Mavrič, Anna Ehrlemark, Massimiliano Bomba, CAP( Mosd & Blez), Emily Wareeoo, Mark Požlep, Lea Meyer, Lado Leben, ESH, Stjepan Zorko, Ninjatiger, Drago della Bernardina, Maruša Šuštar, Sicoe, Jaw, Pekmezmed, Megan Whitmarsh, Miro Erjavec, Marijan Černigoj, Franc Novinc, Craig Scott, Šnof, Ben The, Bonom, Vixen, Dan Perjovschi, Nez Pez, Iva Tratnik, Simon Jugovic Fink, Ovca, Miwo.

thanks to all the artists who contributed, Izton Djordjević for getting the money for printing and translations, Mr. Omerbašič for making it 3D.

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