torek, 30. december 2008

Crocodile schoolboy

Happy New Year to Leon!
Leon did this drawing on the wall back in 2002.


It's a small painting (9.2 x 12.2 cm). I'm planing
to do a bigger one. So it's a start

sreda, 24. december 2008

četrtek, 18. december 2008

torek, 16. december 2008

Manually remastered

Miha, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 38.8 x 28.2 cm

ponedeljek, 15. december 2008

my new mercedes shoes

tutti i colori dell'arcobaleno su tela, 40x30 cm

nedelja, 14. december 2008

petek, 12. december 2008


mix on A4 + frame

The new chimney

Miha, 2006, mix technic on wood, 45 x 35.8 cm

sreda, 10. december 2008

NIL Perne

today, on the 10th of december Milanka, Miha's lovely girlfriend gave birth to their first child NIL.
welcome to Beli sladoled family mali, best best wishes to the sweet little family from 'uncle' Lele.

ponedeljek, 8. december 2008

New psiho

Miha, 2006, acrylic on wood, 51.1 x 38.9 cm


spray on canvas, 3x 7x7cm, 1x 7x5cm, 2007

petek, 5. december 2008


Miha, 2008, mix technic, 36.3 x 28.8 cm

style wars

spray on canvas, 40x30 cm

sreda, 3. december 2008

kurac sanje

spray on canvas, 40 x 30 cm


Mixed technik on wood, 136.4 x 80 cm

torek, 2. december 2008

do the aeroplane

mizzart metelkova 07; drawing instalation

ponedeljek, 1. december 2008

first steps

from the archives; this was the first beli sladoled exhibition in Slovenske Konjice in 2006, organized by Matjaz Smalc. The group actually started with ANTISALCE, our first (comic) book, but this one was the first public presentation of beli sladoled. we had watermelon - baklava - harmonika opening we just can't forget...

nedelja, 30. november 2008

sobota, 29. november 2008

petek, 28. november 2008

site update

thanx to our friend SALEgenda the site is finally updated and it's have also a direct link from the site to this blog, so it's easier for you if you remember
zenkju SALE, meine favorite web master

četrtek, 20. november 2008

meet the artists from the book

miha (slo)

leon (slo)

foco (slo)

sergej (bih, d)

koco (slo)

matej lavrencic (slo)

vasko (yu)

milanka fabjancic (slo)

anne-may boillat (ch)

aorta (bih)

ioke42 (slo)

rone84 (slo)

puma34 (cro)

oko (cro)

pas.bestija (cro)

finsta (swe)

uros weinberger (slo)

klemen gorup (slo)

nina slejko (slo/swe)

conny blom (swe)

matjaz bertoncelj (slo)

luka cesnik (slo)

dulait (rs)

jaka vatovec (slo)

sreda, 19. november 2008

the book is out

making of, pre-last stage. every single front and back cover drawing is hand made

here we have it;
83 B/W pages, fulcolor hardcovers, selfreleased(again), 120 copies, artists presented(in order of appereance): beli sladoled, foco, sergej, koco, matej lavrencic, vasja lebaric, milanka fabjancic, anne-may boillat, aorta, ioke42, rone84, puma34, oko, pas.bestija, finsta, uros weinberger, klemen gorup, nina slejko, conny blom, matjaz bertoncelj, luka cesnik, dulait, jaka vatovec.
3 2 1 GO

nedelja, 16. november 2008

Beli sladoled in prijatelji

after almost 1 year of hard work on our 2nd book we're coming to the end of it. it's called white ice cream with friends, and the title says it all. it's a nice collection of black'n'white drawings from different artists from different europenan counties...more info this week

sreda, 12. november 2008

Kragujevac / Srbija 4.11. - 1.12.08

beli sladoled - drawings / dom omladine / kragujevac

if you want to feel some yugo nostalgy...this is the country to go to

the first surpise for us was the super funny catalog in cyrilics and the exhibition poster

drawing selection

organization crew with beli sladoled

marko and danilo from UNDERGRAD užice came by

lele and miha also

local writer and impresionist analyzing the catalog. the first complaining about the titles the second about colors

miha explaining his drawing methods to the tv station before opening

meeting local artists; BOBAN holding his nail paintings

DR. BARLOV possing infont of his triptih in his studio

beli sladoled trying some dr.barlov's hats

grafic desing solutions

more solutions

grafitti moments


city bombing 98

estinguised spieces; yugo and zastavas 101 all over the city

new school / old school

flea market seen from the national gallery window

time to go home

thanx boban and mateja for everything