sreda, 25. november 2015

Grafixx 2015, Antwerpen

 If you like zines, grafic books, comix, tapes, rizo posters, xerox, rasters, tshirts, screenprinting...than this is the festival for you - GRAFIXX / 20.-22.11.2015

drawing by Mr. Look Back And Laugh
friends will be friends
BS x Urška Alič x LBAL x Soybot

torek, 17. november 2015

new zines & Štikers

Birds & Girls / Miha Perne from lele on Vimeo.

Kontraroadtrip / Leon, Birds&Girls + Štikers / Miha

NO.1 in ART

Beli sladoled / No.1 in ART / Galerija 0,04m3, Maribor