ponedeljek, 20. december 2010

10 O' CLOCK drawings

abstract, multi story content; a morning, tea time drawing collection. everyday brain warmout by Lele;
A6, 76 pages, color/spread cover, 50 copies, 3€

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nedelja, 12. december 2010

love my *job*

i just got the things i was working on in november and i'm quite surprised the way they came out. the first one is a 16 page coloring book for children from Mengeš, the other one, the cd grafics for DJ REISTER, a funky fresh kidd who is doing great job behind turntables.

sobota, 4. december 2010

i love smurfette

from 2004-2007 i was working on this conceptual painting project. working on this same topic for 3-4 years i got sick of it. i only did one exhibition with all the paintings united. i had an idea about doing a small book about smurfette project; different writings, scetches, and "backstage" stories...but didn't do it. NOstyle ending....maybe one day.

a small maquette for PPPbox project(Velibor Barišič)

galerija Tir, Nova Gorica, 2007. the big one is 300 x 220 cm, others 180 x 140 cm