torek, 30. junij 2009

mini love & silverstone ramp

just came from tuzla where i personally had my best group exhibition so far. it was actually the first show after the ART OF ASFALT group broke up. the title of the exh. said it all; OPUŠTENO, we worked without being conditioned to work as a group, no pressure at all(bosnian style)...and guess what...the quality of all the works was a BIG surprise and success.
when i came home i realised that the last paintings i did (before i left for bosna) were those two micro ramps. it was funny because in tuzla i did a big indoor ramp sculpture....with a small grass patern and a silver stone on it. it was all related to the city decoration(hehe) that inspired me for the whole the end i decided that it was my little homage to mr.jackson(rip), after all, BAD was my very first tape i bought as a kid*
big thanxxx to emir/jasmina/julija, sergej, puma34/oko, bor, jaka, dulait, irfan, alija

5 x 5cm stencils on canvas

silverstone indoor ramp, stone and grass, 300 x 280 x 180 cm

ponedeljek, 22. junij 2009


2009, mix on canvas, 48.5 x 67.5 cm

sobota, 20. junij 2009

TUZLA session

our friend AORTA is organizing this nice event in his hometown in BIH; so 27th of june, TUZLA.... more info on the flyer.

sreda, 17. junij 2009


for everybody who missed the opening here's some info & fotos about the current lele's exhibition in BASEMENTIZID in heilbronn(ger):

***Wollhausstr. 17 / 74072 Heilbronn
13th june - 11th july / wed - fri 15:00 - 20:00 / sat 12:00 - 18:00

mille danke SERGEJ!

petek, 12. junij 2009


You can see this drawing in our book Beli sladoled in prijatelji, but here seen in full size

ponedeljek, 8. junij 2009

my msn drawings

fresh zine under the wings of our icy group. this time it's LELE's turn with his msn mouse drawings. 30 copies / A6 / 124 pages of pure drawing trash.
this zine is the "BAMBINO ART" manifest, which will be presented on LELE's exhibition in BASEMENTIZID on the 13th of june in hailbronn(germany). steal a car and take a trip on saturday or at least get in touch if you want a copy of the zine ok?
what is BAMBINO ART??!! klik the image below, nerd!

sreda, 3. junij 2009

The detail of the new painting

I'm waiting for the right weather to photo the hole painting.