sobota, 15. december 2012

21 x 2100 cm, ink on paper month, from 6.11. to 6.12. 2012, every day for 3 hours, ink on paper, drawing and closing the paper wheel, not allowed to look back at the previous drawings. no sundays, no days off, no "i can't do it today". no erasing; ups and downs, good and bad drawings. after 1 month we opened the two rolls of paper for everybody. we got two, 21 meter long drawings. to our big surprise the lenght of both papers were almost the same, almost enouhg to do a 360 around the gallery space.

Don't look back exhibition still open until 28.12.2012, mon-fri: 12.00-18.00, Center in galerija P74, Ljubljana

sreda, 5. december 2012

Čačke / Doodles the zine

A5, 24pages, 40 copies, november 2012
Čačke / Doodles was a group exhibition Saša Nabergoj currated for Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto (26.10. - 21.11.2012). This is a post - documentation of a nice exhibition not so many people have seen.
The zine has the original and the translated version of Saša's text and four pages from every artist that participated; Damijan Kracina, Erik Mavrič, Miha Perne, Leon Zuodar.

*check the Doodles post somewhere lower on this page if you missed it

ponedeljek, 3. december 2012

v četrtek

Ne zamudite zadnjega letošnjega risarskega projekta slikarske skupine Beli sladoled
Don't Look Back 

v četrtek 6.12. 2012 ob 19h (do 28.12.2012)

Center in Galerija P74
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1