nedelja, 31. oktober 2010

it's time to move on

NEW drawing zine about relationships from LELE.
covers come in 3 color variations, 24 pages, heilbronn-postojna /2010
if you think you already know everything about relationships, it's probablly true, but anyway take a look at this one....emoporn, sadbuttrue content.

*with love for my painting brother MIHA for his new family member Vid

sreda, 6. oktober 2010

hat cr3w in heilbronn

Sergej, Lele (belisladoled) and Esh, exclusively known as HAT CR3W
street instalation for the opening of Joseph Beuys gallery in heilbronn/Germany, 2-3.10.2010

1st platform / getto mobil, neon light+noise instalation

2nd platform / business class

opening before the opening; performance or reality?our work in progress almost got the parking ticket