sobota, 21. november 2009

The gardener

mix on paper, cca A3 format

ponedeljek, 16. november 2009

face to face

we started working on two new drawing zines beside the second beli sladoled collaboration book.
the first zin's intitled MY GSM DRAWINGS(following the firts in this series my msn drawings)
the other one is PROFIL LOBANJE which is the zin i'm working on with JAKA VATOVEC a young groundbreaking slovenian painter. hopefully out till the end of this year.

torek, 10. november 2009


acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

ponedeljek, 2. november 2009

ic (ti) me

..been working on this one for a of those painting you're happy it's over. it's time