sreda, 7. julij 2010

pekmez opening

the opening njamnjam table

this gallery space is impressive; so colorfull,trashy,street,hot,ego from the outside.... serious,almost traditional, chilly,epic,churchy from the inside

thanx to TADA for everything.
PEKMEZ gallery in maribor is open from monday to friday 12-18h. if you missed the opening you still have the chance to see the exhibition untill 6.8.2010

3 komentarji:

Sanela Jahic pravi ...

Zakon Lele in Miha, ko pridem iz Nemčije, uletim pogledat!

rijekastreetzine pravi ...

<3 from Rijeka! great exhibition Lele!!!

SRETAN BOR pravi ...

hehehe to je to lele..... lubenica prijatelji i crtanje