torek, 30. junij 2009

mini love & silverstone ramp

just came from tuzla where i personally had my best group exhibition so far. it was actually the first show after the ART OF ASFALT group broke up. the title of the exh. said it all; OPUŠTENO, we worked without being conditioned to work as a group, no pressure at all(bosnian style)...and guess what...the quality of all the works was a BIG surprise and success.
when i came home i realised that the last paintings i did (before i left for bosna) were those two micro ramps. it was funny because in tuzla i did a big indoor ramp sculpture....with a small grass patern and a silver stone on it. it was all related to the city decoration(hehe) that inspired me for the whole the end i decided that it was my little homage to mr.jackson(rip), after all, BAD was my very first tape i bought as a kid*
big thanxxx to emir/jasmina/julija, sergej, puma34/oko, bor, jaka, dulait, irfan, alija

5 x 5cm stencils on canvas

silverstone indoor ramp, stone and grass, 300 x 280 x 180 cm

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SRETAN BOR pravi ...

mikro-makro uvijek sjajan :D

rijekastreetzine pravi ...


hvala za knjigu <3(zaboravili smo se javiti :P)