sreda, 12. november 2008

Kragujevac / Srbija 4.11. - 1.12.08

beli sladoled - drawings / dom omladine / kragujevac

if you want to feel some yugo nostalgy...this is the country to go to

the first surpise for us was the super funny catalog in cyrilics and the exhibition poster

drawing selection

organization crew with beli sladoled

marko and danilo from UNDERGRAD užice came by

lele and miha also

local writer and impresionist analyzing the catalog. the first complaining about the titles the second about colors

miha explaining his drawing methods to the tv station before opening

meeting local artists; BOBAN holding his nail paintings

DR. BARLOV possing infont of his triptih in his studio

beli sladoled trying some dr.barlov's hats

grafic desing solutions

more solutions

grafitti moments


city bombing 98

estinguised spieces; yugo and zastavas 101 all over the city

new school / old school

flea market seen from the national gallery window

time to go home

thanx boban and mateja for everything

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jako dobro super ovo izgleda!