ponedeljek, 20. december 2010

10 O' CLOCK drawings

abstract, multi story content; a morning, tea time drawing collection. everyday brain warmout by Lele;
A6, 76 pages, color/spread cover, 50 copies, 3€

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nedelja, 12. december 2010

love my *job*

i just got the things i was working on in november and i'm quite surprised the way they came out. the first one is a 16 page coloring book for children from Mengeš, the other one, the cd grafics for DJ REISTER, a funky fresh kidd who is doing great job behind turntables.

sobota, 4. december 2010

i love smurfette

from 2004-2007 i was working on this conceptual painting project. working on this same topic for 3-4 years i got sick of it. i only did one exhibition with all the paintings united. i had an idea about doing a small book about smurfette project; different writings, scetches, and "backstage" stories...but didn't do it. NOstyle ending....maybe one day.

a small maquette for PPPbox project(Velibor Barišič)

galerija Tir, Nova Gorica, 2007. the big one is 300 x 220 cm, others 180 x 140 cm

nedelja, 7. november 2010

nedelja, 31. oktober 2010

it's time to move on

NEW drawing zine about relationships from LELE.
covers come in 3 color variations, 24 pages, heilbronn-postojna /2010
if you think you already know everything about relationships, it's probablly true, but anyway take a look at this one....emoporn, sadbuttrue content.

*with love for my painting brother MIHA for his new family member Vid

sreda, 6. oktober 2010

hat cr3w in heilbronn

Sergej, Lele (belisladoled) and Esh, exclusively known as HAT CR3W
street instalation for the opening of Joseph Beuys gallery in heilbronn/Germany, 2-3.10.2010

1st platform / getto mobil, neon light+noise instalation

2nd platform / business class

opening before the opening; performance or reality?our work in progress almost got the parking ticket

sreda, 29. september 2010

moon shadow

mixed technique, cca A4 size

sreda, 22. september 2010

obleki za otvoritev

our new suits for the openings.

part of the group exhibition in ALKATRAZ gallery in metelkova / ljubljana.
opened until 8.10.

nedelja, 19. september 2010

this tuesday

21.9. at 20:00

galerija ALKATRAZ / Metelkova / Ljubljana

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nedelja, 12. september 2010

this friday in maribor

we have an exhibition in pekmez gallery in maribor this friday. if you haven't checked this great gallery space yet, well, this is a nice chance...
supported by TVOJANEDELJA

ponedeljek, 2. avgust 2010

nedelja, 18. julij 2010

hello sailor / rijeka 11.7. - 13.7.

big thanx to rijekaSTREETzine crew for all!
more about the session >HERE<

četrtek, 15. julij 2010


70 x 50 cm, acyrlic on canvas

sreda, 7. julij 2010

pekmez opening

the opening njamnjam table

this gallery space is impressive; so colorfull,trashy,street,hot,ego from the outside....

...so serious,almost traditional, chilly,epic,churchy from the inside

thanx to TADA for everything.
PEKMEZ gallery in maribor is open from monday to friday 12-18h. if you missed the opening you still have the chance to see the exhibition untill 6.8.2010

četrtek, 1. julij 2010

From the archives

Face with a woman, 2003, acrylic on canvas, 65 x 50 cm